The frogses legs…

Meandering is what I do best, (or at least what I did best). It is snowy, cold, and miserable at the moment at home. I remember when it was warm, and outside was green, and lush, and full of warmth, and life. I am counting the days down to when it returns. I wonder if this spring/summer I will return to them on walks with hooman and the hound-beasts?

Walks are fun… I remember when Batman and I first started on them and we would go all over the place, everywhere was new, had funny smells, and weird things lived in the woods and bushes. I learned to keep an eye out for them, but mostly it was nice to be out with The Wally. We made a good team, a bit like Turner and Hooch.


There is always something to look at, or smell. Hooman told me that edibles live throughout the land, and I just have to keep my ears open to hear them, and pounce after them. I resent being given hunting advice from someone who’s idea of a hunt is managing to get nice biscuits from the shop.


A panther’s role on a walk is simple. We are the intelligence section. It is I that keeps an eye on the edibles.


My tail is mostly floof, and poisonous spines.


Often we play hide and seek. It is easy for me because I am a wild panther, and so hiding is second nature. Once I decide to be hidden, it is thus. My camouflage is second to none. For example, you can’t even see me in this bush, because cat.


It os often worth sending The Wally ahead. He can often frighten birds, wildebeest, and crocopotomusses out of the grass where I can feast upon their tasty flesh. Thus far I have defeated a butterfly.


Practice is important. If you don’t practice, how on earth will you get better? Quite often I will stalk The Wally who is woefully oblivious to the presence of an apex-predator in his vicinity. He is normally far too concerned with cornering a frog in the pond.


Hooman said that posh people in the land he is from often have a break called ‘elevenses’. Hooman says my watch is often stuck at eleven.




It’s eleven again.


The Wally is rubbish at camouflage. he doesn’t have the predatorial coat of hidiness like I do.


Hooman said that frogses legs taste like Chicken. He said that chicken nuggets taste like chicken also, and I like chicken nuggets, so I thought I may see if I can grab a frog and convince it to let me have a small taster.

No takers.


This is my angry roar face after failing to taste a frogses leg.


A well deserved lie down and snooze, as according to my watch it is eleven.

Remember, you can catch up with all of us on twitter with daily pics and silliness.



And Wally and Snuffles now have their own account too!



5 thoughts on “The frogses legs…

  1. numps…nice thing bout time…sum wear itz 11 …. sew ewe can snooze at will….grate post two day; ewe R rite tho, wally iz knot veree good at stealth….ewe could teech him a lesson ore two; N charge him…..big time….happee week a head two ewe all ~~~ ♥♥♥

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Superb work there numps. Ensure the human feeds you your Ham for elevenses regardless of the time the human says it really is.
    Credit to the human though, your photos are pawsome. You are most photogenic mol. X

    Liked by 1 person

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  4. It is lovely to see you, and I am sorry we have not visited for several months. I hope you are all doing OK where you are, and we send out best love to you all.


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