Talulah’s dystopian nightmare – Rescue Pen Pals

**Update – Talulah has gone off to her forever home!**

Hooman is a big fan of the superb dystopian film ‘THX 1138‘ so when I got a letter from Talulah at PussyCat Lodge, the similarities were stark.


Talulah lives in an undisclosed location, (believed to be near Brentwood, Essex), in a world of white. Just white. It is terrible. Imagine having a bit of a headache here?

Talulah used to have a vast collection of Merchant Ivory DVD’s, but these were confiscated by the overseers for naffness

She is monitored 24 hours a day in case of thought crime, and despite having books, and pictures sent to her by my undercover agents, they are swiftly taken from her, leaving her to dream, and imagine all on her own about laps, ham, butterflies, catnip toys, and scratching posts, (discounting the times when she is with all the other cats to play, get tickles by the overseers, and all the other good stuff)

Talulah spots a hooman… Maybe a forever hooman?

Peering out of her allotted living quarters, she dreams of someone walking in, picking her up, and taking her to a place where she can walk on grass, scratch furniture, and get a plentiful supply of ham, (as is every cats right). She once heard a rumour that some people have trees, and even large sofas with which to deposit large amounts of cat hair on just after it has been hoovered.

Oh what a life she could have if only someone came forward…

Talulah is an inquisitive kitty, always on the lookout for a lap to sit on

Being in such a dystopian environment can make a cat wary, (but only for 5 minutes. After that she is anyones, the massive trollop). You can see her being tortured mercilessly by the terrible overseers in this video, (where she also tries to play along to gain favour and quicken her escape)

In this video she is getting her state allotted social time in…

All Talulah needs is 5 minutes to come out of her shell, and she will make a superb new friend to someone so PLEASE, if you know anyone who would like a lovely affectionate cat, and who wants to stick it to the overseers, please, get in touch with Pussycat Lodge and save Talulah from her white imprisonment!

Talulah once escaped her imprisonment, and managed to get to the roof, where she was caught by a vigilant overseer.

You can get in touch with PussyCat Lodge about Talulah (who has been spayed, vaccinated, and chipped) by contacting Terri on 07947664539 (from Monday to Sunday between 10am and 6pm only), or by getting in touch on twitter @PussycatLodge

Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 13.31.45.jpg

Somebody out there has a home, or knows of a home for Talulah to rest her little head!


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