A walk to dampen my spirits!

It’s been a while since I posted a blog, but cats be busy, and stuff!

It was May, and home was wet. It was all wet. The back fields were flooded, and big boots were a must when going on meanders, (not for me, obviously, but for hooman). The rain kept coming and going, and kept feeding the little rivers, ditches, and puddles so nothing ever dried, which was most annoying. The wet is NOT my most favourite thing, (that thing being either ham or tickles, preferably both at the same time)

life can be hard as a cat. Sometimes you have to decide things like ‘move, or not move?’

Hooman asked me if I wanted to go for a walk. I uhhhmed, and ahhhed about it whilst they were preparing themselves for the expedition. I sat on the wall as the sun came up and pondered the choice. Sit here, sunning myself, or go on a sodden walk with the tenants of my property…

So a walk it is. I started my day by showing hooman how best to traverse a ferocious, and violent river, not unlike the famous Amazon river, which is a few fields over according to hooman. Hooman warned me not to get my feet wet going over, as it is cram packed with vicious piranha fish things which do love to nibble on cats toes. Being a furocious beast of Bodmin, such things do not faze me one bit.

The ferocity of this water is not to be downplayed. There were ripples, and sometimes very small trees washed along it

Having conquered the mighty River Numps, (I named it after myself after conquering it, naturally), off we trundled across sodden fields… I kept hooman behind me for his own protection, as edibles may appear at any time, and my claws may be brandished rapidly.

Even the fields were just grass atop water. There was probably water underneath that water

The weir was more angry than usual. It was full to the brim with that horrid chocolate milkshake/tea blend, and it made far more noise than usual. Maybe it was annoyed at always being wet? The Wally braved standing over near it for a while. I stood by in case he fell in, as he had some treats at home marked for him, and I may be entitled to them should he not be around to claim them.

The weir as angry as it has ever been

As we hadn’t been out for a while due to the torrential rain, (May is pretty much the sodden rainy month in BG), I took the time to mount a small mountain, and survey the surroundings, in case other beasts of Bodmin had moved in, or in case edibles could be seen grazing nearby.

Although I just look like I am sat there, majestic and sentinel like, I am on full alert for things to go in my tummy

An edible was spotted, so I chased it deep into this forest. Unfortunately it simply turned out to be a bee, and it seemed to me that bees have pointy arses, so I let the bee be.

Stalking edibles is hard work, and sometimes requires moving more than a cat should by right have to

The sun emerged from the clouds, and shone down on all the damp stuff. Nice pic, but ergh, damp. my toes are damp. Ergh.


It hadn’t really warmed up as it should. Normally we would be well into the throes of summer, with lovely, warm (but damp) weather… This year, however, the warm was a bit late in turning up. This meant I still had a fluff on, and it would go ‘not black’ in the sun.

Are my roots showing?

The Wally was in his element, really. He loves tramping through the puddles, and mud, and doesn’t seem to be fazed by it one iota. He would come back from a walk soaked to the bone, and rather than sit by the fire, or in his basket drying, he would trot around the garden getting himself more wet.

The Wally is part puddle

Down at the river, much was flooded, and this meant that he got to wallow in the chocolate milk/tea water that was in the swamp area. I, of course, avoided such horrid conditions either by traversing through the trees, or hitching a ride on the hooman-taxi.

Yup… Definitely puddles in his lineage

The trees make a lovely, dry spot to park my bum.

I may have Ent in my lineage

Hooman told The Wally that some dogs are water soluble and so he had better take care going in any more water.

Even the Wally was unconvinced by this.

It must be a humdinger if The Wally is supsicious

And so, after the walk by the river, we were on higher ground, and it was a tad more grassy, and a little less watery… This gave The Wally a chance to dry off before we went back home…

Yeah right… He still jumped in every puddle he could find, the massive dope.

Happy Wally

Until next time!


Thanks to everyone who shared, retweeted, and facebook’d all the ‘rescue Pen pal’ posts! It seems it does work from feedback from the rescue folks, so please carry on sharing them! 

There will be another one very soon!


4 thoughts on “A walk to dampen my spirits!

  1. You’re a brave soul to take such an epic expedition Numps. I salute you! Tell Hooman he takes excellent pics of your adventures and countryside. Keep your beans dry!

    Liked by 1 person

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