Snow? Then no.

Last winter was my very first winter. Hooman said it was a mild one, and quite pleasant. I was not convinced at all.

The further into winter it gets the less sun we have, the less sunbathing I can do. This will not suffice. Hooman says that there is snow on the way. Don’t do snow. Cold on my beans.

The sun goes down sooner. Pfft.

Hooman likes to go on walks at this time of year. There are no sheepses or goatses about, and The Wally can gallop around unfettered. Unfortunately, little me, despite all my fluff, gets cold.

If it is going to snow, then no, I shan’t be coming with you

The fire. That is where it is all at, really. Nice, roaring fire, and those pair can go off into the trees, and down to the river, with snow on the ground. Still, it has yet to arrive. maybe it will not come after all?

When it gets really cold, I will sit about, ready to run inside and sit my the fire

Poo. The snow arrived.

This ain’t great for my beans. Luckily I have this very small patch of grass to sit on, rather than the snow

Hooman says the snow might stay for a few days, or a few weeks, or a few months…

Not a fan.

When will this hell end?

I came up with a plan. Rather than having all 4 beans cold, I’ll put 2 up onto the tree, where there is no snow. Unfortunately that leaves me prone to a ‘Wally arse sniffing attack’.

The Wally is of no help. he just tried to sniff my bum whilst I try to keep half my limbs off the snow covered floor

Even my hammock has a dusting of the hideous white stuff.

Even my hammock is frosty

AND the roof of my little killa villa! This will not do. Not at all.

…as is the roof on the Killa Villa

I shall keep an eye on the sky, and hope for a splash of blue, and a glint of sun.

Come quickly, spring. Winter sucks.

Snow, snow, go away, don’t come back another day (or I will scratch your eyes out)

Still, if hooman does perish in this bleak, cold, frozen winter, I would get to devour him up, as he is, I think, made entirely of meat.

Peeples are made of meat

2 thoughts on “Snow? Then no.

  1. I’m with you, Numps. I must have been a feline in a former life, roaring fire, warm toasty toes/paws, good sustaining food and a good book. If Hooman falls prey to the ‘white-rain’, head to my place in the UK I’ll keep you in a warm manner, and no frosty walkies (or Wally type creatures).

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