Winter is Coming, no wait… Winter Arrived!

Hooman said that “Winter is Coming”… Well, winter arrived. It left me in a state of high fluffiness, and with an ability to stay indoors by the fire. I would venture out occasionally, but only to sit on the tree willing things to heat up.

This is my fur coat. I just got it back from the dry-cleaners.

The snow fell again for a week or so. The Wally enjoyed it immensely, but it made me walk funny, and my toes got really cold.

Do not like.

Walks were still had though. The Wally liked to go out and run around in the snow, and run around in the back field. I think he must have some sort of fibre glass insulation in his genes, as he never seems to feel the cold at all.

Here, The Wally demonstrates his ability to stand on cold snow without shivering, and having his nose run

It does look nice with the snow on the ground, but it was very cold. Hooman let the Wally out into the back field where he ran around like a loon, dug into the snow chasing invisible edibles, and generally taking forever whilst the hooman got cold.

I hoped The Wally running around would generate enough heat to melt the snow… It didn’t

All the while I sat inside, next to a metal box of burning wood, all toasty. The Smudge was also clever in this regard. We had food, water, and a cosy place to snooze the cold winter days away until it thawed enough to attempt a wander…

Hooman told the Wally that the mound he was stood upon was the highest mountain in the world, so Wally posed for a pic

It took about a week, but the clouds departed, and the sun peeked out, and the melt began. It had been a decently mild winter thus far, and the snow did not hang around for too long. This meant that we would be able to attempt a wander sooner, rather than later. The hooman told me that some years we would’ve had a few feet of snow on the ground for what feels like months…

The sun is out, the sky is blue, and things are almost getting melty

So, a few days later, the ground was frosty, with patches of snow dotted around like spilt frosting. It was ‘warm’ relatively speaking, but the ground was covered in a sparkling frost, with puddles entirely of ice where the meltwater had pooled.

An icy crisp morning… So will I venture out?

The Wally was insistent we go for a wander, so hooman grabbed his collar, and we headed out of the back gate, and through the back field. I was undecided as to whether I would follow, but hooman waited around for me in case I decided to attend.

ice, ice, everywhere… Not that it bothered The Wally… He is an ‘all-weather’ dog

The Wally was impatient as usual, running on ahead, then running back, and giving hooman a ‘keep up!’ look. The hooman was wrapped up in a hat, big huge warm boots, and a large coat, and looked a bit like a spaceman.

Puddles of glass

The Wally ran round the back field for a bit, running out into the farmers field a few times until he was called back as I was milling around by the back gate RAWR’ing, (meowing – hooman). I hadn’t come past the back gate all winter, so he was seeing if I was going to venture out with us.

The Wally was impatient…

At last, I ventured out onto the snow, frost and ice, and came slowly, (incredibly slowly – hooman), down the back field where the others were standing.

Slowly slowly, catchy monkey…

What seemed like an hour to hooman and the wally, and I was down at the far end of the garden. I was looking my most fluffy all year. Ahead lay an obstacle I had never experienced before. “Ice” they called it.

I turned fluff levels up to 11

Luckily, as I am a cat, I have inbuilt crampons, unlike hooman, who skated across the ice patches like a newborn giraffe. it was VERY cold on my little jelly beans. Hooman offered to carry me across, but I just carried on, because cat.

Clawville and Dean

The Wally once released into the field on his own cognisance decided to run around, trot, and prance about like a loon, as usual. He darted up, and down the field like a stallion, just with less poise.

The Wally, released…

…then, at the other end of the field he sat, waiting for hooman to catch up… Hooman was waiting for me.

Keep up hooman!

I decided that I was not going to go on the walk, and so decided to sit on my usual stump in the bushes and await their return. Hooman gave me a tickle and carried on with the hound…

The river is grim in winter

The riverside always manages to look bleak, grim, and devastated in the wintertime. All the colour has gone, and it looks like some nuclear winter scene. Not that that bothers the Wally. he just plods about as he would if it was in full summer bloom.

It was some time before The Wally realised that Numps was nowhere to be seen. This caused some consternation

It was early morning, and the shadows were long, but the sun finally came out, and things were looking more cheerful.

The Wally listening intently on the goats/food on the other side of the pond

The edibles were out in force today. There were goats on the far side of the pond, clattering away, their bells jingling, meaning  The Wally was most definitely thinking of food. He would stare at them for minutes at a time, probably pondering whether hooman would make gravy for him.

I see moving edibles!

Out on the open, ploughed fields, they were frozen solid, which upset The Wally. He mostly liked to run around in the mud, getting himself covered in dirt before he headed home and jumped on humans sofa causing a ruckus. Instead, the mud was frozen solid. Sad Wally ensued.

The Wally desperately trying to find some wet mud to walk through before he goes home

The weather had changed in just the hour or so we had been out. The skies were now cloud-free, and the sun was beating down, meaning the spaceman suit hooman was wearing was a bit much, and he was overheating. Off came the scarf, the coat unzipped, and the fleece unbuttoned.

Glorious blue skies now, a change from when we left the house
Snow, Ice and sunlight

The Wally made the most of his last few minutes in the sun, and in the open, by a concophony of galloping, hooning, running about, and also going fast. He was not to know the next time they would be able to go out, so made the most of it.

Hooning through the wood/floodplain

The pond would soon melt, and the frozen landscape would be melting soon, with everything muddy, damp, and ergh… Hooman liked summer.

The frozen pond near to where Numps awaited our return

Heading home across the fields The Wally tried on several occasions to commit an act of ‘hit and run’ hereby incapacitating the hooman, leaving us free to raid the fridge for all the available ham, cheese, and other goodies. Unfortunately, The Wally chickened out and swerved off at the last available opportunity, meaning hooman survived for another day.

Hooning at the hooman… This may have been an attempt at a hit and run

At the back of the house, the grass was almost frost free, although the large ice-puddles were still there. Hooman watched The Wally go scampering over them, expecting him to come a cropper and go skating on his arse.

The Wally managing to NOT kill himself speeding over the ice

I eventually came out from my bush where I’d been waiting all this time once The Wally had finished his gymkhana display on the ice, and I padded my way back into the house with hooman over the precarious ice fields. 

This makes my feet both cold, and wet. Please rid us of this blight, hooman

And so, winter was here… I was not a fan. It meant less meandering, less warmth, less edibles to chase, and chilly beans.


4 thoughts on “Winter is Coming, no wait… Winter Arrived!

  1. I agree, snowy icy winters are best observed from indoors, near a warmth generator, and where sustainables are within easy reach. Your poor pinky jelly beans coming into direct contact with the ice. Did it take long to thaw out when you got home? You do look extra handsome with your coat turned up to 11.

    They are saying we are in for a long hard winter this year, might be wise to make sure Hooman stocks up with your ham and so forth.


  2. I’m freezing just reading this! You are a brave and intrepid soul to venture into such a frigid landscape Numps. Hope you thawed out in front of the fire and had a well deserved snack of ham!

    Liked by 1 person

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