Rescue Pen Pals – Suki and Sammy

This weeks episode of ‘Rescue Pen Pals’ comes from Suki and Sammy, a pair of cats imprisioned for almost a year for a crime they did NOT commit by High Wycombe and South Bucks cat protection. They managed to smuggle this note out via pigeon.

Smuggled out of Catditz with the help of a pigeon

They are both 6 years old, so in the prime of their lives. Sammy is a white long haired chap, and Suki has the long black hair. Their mother was clearly one of those very old printers with just a black cartridge that runs out very quickly.

Sammy hoping they can be rehomed together

Here you can see Sammy doing his best to blend into the background in case he is missed by the guards, and make his escape to a forever home. It would break his heart if they were separated. He is a gentle little fella, but timid. All he needs is time, someones lap to sit on, and a tickle.

Suki trying to use hypnotism to convince you to be their furever home… Yes. You.

Suki is the acrobat of the pair, and will climb the side of the pen to get a better view of what is going on in the outside world, as well as to see what the birds are up to.

They spend their days in a pen. Granted, this is one of those posh pens with an ensuite ‘outside’ enclosure which give them lots of room to plot their escape. Having spoken to them both, they are being well treated by their prison guards, who give them as much fuss as they can take, but like any innocent prisoner they yearn to be free and have a forever home of their own so they can play free, and have someone to cuddle up to they can trust.

They have fooled the guards to some degree. They exercise regularly to keep fit for the moment they gain their freedom. They mostly do this by utilising their cat tree, and they will play ‘catch the tail’, and other training exercises. They spend a great deal of time observing the outside. They have fooled their guards to the point whereby they think they are ornithologists, but in reality they are scoping the pen for weaknesses, particularly on the outside part, which leads into the garden, where the birds are, and birds are almost like chickens, and chickens are meat, and meat goes in their tummies.

Well, it seems like logical reasoning to me.

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 11.43.21
Suki contemplates life beyond this luxury pen

They have already gone a long way to tunnelling their way out. They have excavated 3 tunnels, Tom, Jerry, and Tuna, which are accessed by moving the cat tree to the side, but currently the guards are unaware of this plan. They dispose of the soil in their litter tray. It would be so much easier if they simply had a furever home to go to, with experienced staff to look after them.

Sammy doing his best to cover one of the tunnel excavations from the guards
They dread being separated as they are so used to each others company. They keep each other amused, they comfort each other, and they use each other as a pillow. They curl up together for snoozles, and rely on each other during their incarceration.

What they really need is experienced staff, who will give them time to acclimatise to their new furever home, and they will thrive! Going as a pair would help that transition as they would have each other.

So, if you feel you could help these two lovely little furballs, please get in touch with High Wycombe and South Bucks cat Protection people, and get them to free these two innocent cats into your care! There is a brother, and sister just waiting for your call! You can also get in touch with them on twitter @CPHighWycombe

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 12.00.55

If anyone knows of other cats who have been in care for a long time, or are having trouble being rehired, feel free to email me at


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