Those sadder times of life

So, as life does, we move from one thing to another. Like The Wally had just a few days before, Batman decided to go off on an adventure of his own. Even I, as his sister, was not privy to the whereabouts of Batman, or I would have gone to him, and dragged him back by the scruff of his neck.


As when The Wally disappeared, we went out looking for him, meowing his name, and checking all the outside buildings in case he was trapped in one.

Nothing. Not even a hint of his being there.

Acting as a bodyguard for hooman
Acting as a bodyguard for hooman

Hooman has had cats before, and they all, at some point or another, go off on their travels for a day or 4, and whilst he knows that most of the time they will turn up all of a sudden, meowing, and burying their heads in the food bowl before falling asleep in their spot, there is always that fear in the back of his mind that something is amiss.

Something was amiss.

Batman on a previous adventure
Batman on a previous adventure

It was some time before batman was found. He was lying in the back field, seemingly unharmed. I was with hooman at the time, and he just scooped me up and took me inside and locked me in the bedroom. An hour later he returned, a bit soiled, and he sat with me, The Wally, and Smudge on the sofa giving us all tickles, and telling us quite sternly not to bugger off like that as it doesn’t do his ticker any good, and there are too many dangerous things out there that seemingly take a dim view of little kittens.

Always full of life, and playfulness
Always full of life, and playfulness

We never knew what had happened to him. A fox, or a snake? Maybe a bird of prey, or a Pine Martin? He did not look like he had been attacked, so it was probably a snake defending itself. Either way, we’ll never know. It was most upsetting for hooman that he was only 50 metres from the house, and maybe if he was found sooner he could have been alright?

He was a little leader on our walks, always first to investigate, always first between himself and I to keep up with the others. I had lost my little playpal, by brother, and hooman had lost his most enthusiastic head-bonker.

Utilising the Killa Villa facilities
Utilising the Killa Villa facilities

And so, from a dog, elderly curmudgeon cat, two kittens, and one hooman, we were now down to three critters, and one staff. The Batman will be sorely missed, because he used to sleep on humans neck, because we used to play and fight together, and because I had lost my curling up partner.

Life sucks.

Sat on the wall keeping an eye on things
He was renowned for his furocity
Handsome wee fella
Hooman’s regular wake up call.
Chilling out on the cherry tree
Off on his first adventure with Numps, The Wally, and hooman
Always at the front

As Meatloaf sang – “Life is a lemon, and I want my money back”


8 thoughts on “Those sadder times of life

  1. Oh no. I have been down this road too many times. I’m so sorry. I will miss Batman,too. You gave him a great home and life when he needed it most. Here’s a hug. Life is a lemon alot of the time and we don’t get our money back,however,you were made richer by sharing yours with Batman,as all who knew him were.

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