Rescue Pen Pals – Tamara

(update 31st August ’15 – Tamara finally found herself a furever home! Well done to all the folks at Keighley Cat Care! πŸ˜»πŸ‘πŸ»)

Being an international cat of mystery, I get to be in touch with cats all over the world via the Feline pen pal system. I recently received a nice little letter from Tamara with Keighley Cat care

Cats can write… Who knew?

Poor Tamara has been in foster care for eighteen months, with no sign of anyone taking her adorable little face onto a new life in a loving furever home.

Lovely Tamara
Lovely Tamara and her shiny coat

 She hasn’t had the easiest of lives. No-one knows how things started out, and her own memory is sketchy on the subject. She was found at 6 months old as a stray on the mean street of Bradford. It must have been hard for her as a kitten surviving in an urban environment. I often think I have it hard with eagles, dogs, snakes, and crocodiles in the vicinity to get me, but I can’t imagine having cars, bikes, trucks, foxes, dogs, mean people, and having to scavenge my food, all whilst being 6 months old! 😦

 Not only did she have a beginning akin to Oliver Twist, but she fell ill as well, suffering from flu. If you thought Man-flu was bad, you ain’t seen nothing yet! Cat flu is very dangerous for us cats, especially as kittens, and many die from it. She fought it off though, and is all better now, and fit as a fiddle.

Tamara, like all cats, takes a great deal of pride in her ability to sleep

I know Tamara has her pride though, and although she made me promise not to say anything, I feel I must.

She had no pants. That’s right, her cat pants fell off.

It wasn’t her fault, and it wasn’t due to sudden onset of trollop. The daft girl at one point decided that the best thing would be to sit on some petrol. No-one knows if there was a spill, or she was partaking in a bit of arson, but whatever happened, it made her fur fall off leaving a breeze whooshing through her lower sections. The vet sorted her out though, and she has now regained her lovely black cat pants, and you wouldn’t know the difference.

 She has her favourite spots to sit. Mostly found on the decking outside, away from the other cats who pick on her sometimes. From here, Tamara tells me, she can watch the world go buy, and she knows for a fact that the chances of there being a petrol spill on the decking is very slim indeed.

This is my spot. There are others like it, but this one is mine
This is my spot.
There are others like it, but this one is mine

 Her other favourite spot is what she refers to as the ‘budget bean bags’. To everyone else they are known as ‘garden waste bags’. Her foster hooman asked her once, “would you like a proper bean bag?”, but tamara is a frugal girl, and flatly refused, quite content with her choice of large plastic bags filled with grass cuttings, weeds, bits of soil, and probably some spiders and worms.

 So that is the latest from lovely Tamara. A good natured, black cat, overlooked for whatever reason, and still in foster care awaiting a furever home. Do you know anyone who would be interested in giving this little lovely a home? If so, please get in touch with her, arrange a visit, and give her some hope!

Visit Keighley Cat Care or call Chris Rawnsley on 01274 568380. They are on twitter @KeighleyCatCare, and you can email them at


So please give Tamara a glimpse of a furever home!


2 thoughts on “Rescue Pen Pals – Tamara

  1. All The Very Best To You, precious Tamara. I share my life with five, once homeless,now forever loved and revered, Beautiful Black Cats. I wish for you a deeply compassionate, understanding soul to give you a forever home.


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