Team building exercises for kitties and dog-things

So, after making ourselves quite comfortable in hooman’s house, there were a few hurdles to jump. These hurdles came in the shape of dogs. One normal sized, and one not so normal. We did not venture into hooman’s house too often, mostly because as we rounded a bend, there would be a thing with a gaping jaw come barrelling at us, presumably to eat us. We took refuge in kitty corner.

Sat on top of the 'Kitty Corner' roof.
Sat on top of the ‘Kitty Corner’ roof.
The Batman was a little more brave than I, and confronted the dog-things far sooner. I tended to sit up higher, a bit like a furry Napoleon, and oversee the battlefield.

Furry Napoleon
Furry Napoleon
Mind you, The Batman had his ‘Nancy pants’ moments as well.

The Batman, otherwise knows as NancyPants.
The Batman, otherwise known as NancyPants.
We lived on the roof for a good few days after we arrived. The dogs, it turned out, did NOT consider us food.

You can't see me, because Ninja.
You can’t see me, because Ninja.
Profession - Snoozer. Also skilled in the art of sleeping.
Profession – Snoozer. Also skilled in the art of sleeping.
Apparently dogs in this household are not ferocious wolf-offspring, but are about as vicious as a bag of marshmallows. We were safe.

Two bags of marshmallows.
Two bags of marshmallows.
At some point we will have to work up the courage to go inside, and put hair over hooman’s things. I think that would prove our superiority, and enforce his servitude…


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